Very Berry

Ahh its that time of year again, The wardrobe is stripped of colour and is filled with the many shades of black. So to spice things up we can paint on colour with these hand selected berry lips. Some are for the braver of us that like to vamp up the style and head straight to the daring shades! where as I threw some 'safe' shades in to cater for everyone else.

I will start things off with the Ted baker chubby stick, I'm not sure of the actual name, as I got this in a makeup gift set last year for christmas. Before that I never even realised that they did makeup, I can say to you all that their makeup brand is very good and I will definitely be going back for more. One thing that stands of about this is that it can be the colour that you want, It can be applied lightly for a more subtle purple/cranberry tone or it can be applied to the fullest of its pigmentation, This will definitely grab people's attention and turn up the vamp dial 100%.

Sticking with the darker berry tones I will next say that Mac Rebel is one of my most favourite autumnal colours, It is just perfect for this time of year. Yes it looks scary and yes I did buy this when everyone went through the phase of buying it last year. But since then I have grown to love it, I was actually excited for autumn this year just so that I could start wearing this more often. I do pair this with a lip liner to add as much precision as possible to really create a striking lip look!

Next on the berry lip collection is a maybelline lip butter in Berry Pie, I have to say I get the most wear out of this as they are so moisturising, I have a few of this collection and  they are my favorite highstreet lipsticks. They glide on easily for a quick application and last for a long time. It is on the more subtle end of berry lip colours as it isn't really a full on lipstick, I would say that it is more of a pigmented lip balm but more.(totally makes sense in my head)

Another lipstick choice is by E.L.F this was my first ever proper lipstick as from when I started out with makeup, My mum bought me a box of goodies and this has stood out ever since then. This is more of a nude if i'm truly honest but I do tend to lean towards this in the berry lip season. The only thing that I don't particularly like is that it has quite a big surface area so isn't the easiest for applying, especially for getting precision.

Olivia x

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