Winter Shoe Haul

I haven't recently Bought these shoes so I'm not sure If they are still available (I'm sorry in advance) But I am sure there are plenty similar that are available to buy.

The first pair I decided to add for to my wardrobe are the pair of brown boots in the first picture, I always like to get a new pair every year to last me for the season. They are from Dorothy Perkins, I'm not sure of the price as I got them when they were on offer, they are a perfect shade as I didn't want black boots and I wanted something darker then the usual tan. They come to around the ankle so they are perfect for wearing with skirts and jeans. I like the fact that they have a slight heal so they are not totally flat. From wearing them out they are so cosy and warm and look perfect with any outfit! I have never really looked/noticed boots in this dark chocolate colour, I think they are a staple for any shoe collection.

The next pair I purchased is a pair of flats from George, I didn't go there intending to buy any shoes but as soon as I saw them I fell in love. I am not one to buy coloured shoes, I usually stick to black or brown. But to me this wine purple colour is such a lovely colour for Autumn/winter. This year I have noticed the colours are either black, camel or burgundy purple. So to me this was a no brainier as they will go with so many outfits. One of the main things I love about this pair is that they are sturdy, I find with some flats that they don't have much support and you can feel everything that you are walking on. I also like the simple detailing of the stitching around the edges and the gold hardware on the buckle. They are plain enough to wear day-to-day but also have a dressy edge to them.

Another pair of boots that I have thrown into my basket recently is a pair from Topshop, They have a fairly tall heal for everyday wear but I couldn't resist. They have a plain strap around the ankle with a gold detail fake lock, I love this as it is a simple way to add detail but it breaks up the black at the same time. I also love that above the heal at the back of the boot it has a gold detailing strip, This is also such a great way to add detail and still keeping it simple. They are so comfy and easy to walk in because the heal is quite chunky which I find helps me to walk in them. I find that these look better with a pair of tights and a skirt as they make the legs look longer and slimmer while adding subtle height. 

My final pair of winter boots actually arrived the other day, I really didn't like knee/thigh high boots at first as i never found 'the one'. But I had an email from forever 21 and I thought id check it out, which by the way is extremely dangerous as it spirals out of control and I end up with no money. When I saw this I had to stop scrolling through all of the new collection and decided to check them out. I got the pair in tan as I have two pair of darker coloured boots already so I decided to go with something different. They have a slight heel, I'm not really fussed about having high heeled shoes as I personally don't find them comfy and that is what I wanted from these. They have a fake zip on the outside with two buckles to add detailing. I love how the zips blend in with the material of the boots, I am not really a fan of shoes with gold zips as I think they stand out too much. My favourite detail about them is that they look sort of worn but still knew, they don't look too perfect that they need to be worn out a few times to look finished. 

What are your favourite pair of winter shoes?

Olivia X

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