BLOGMAS DAY 1 - Advent Calendars

This Year I am lucky enough to have two Advent Calendars, I know there are so many beauty ones this year but I didn't order one quick enough before they sold out, So Instead I thought I would Just show you the two I have as my first Blogmas Post. You should follow me on bloglovin' or instagram for updates as to when I have posted a new one. I will be uploading everyday until christmas day at 6:30 so don't forget to come back so you don't miss out. As for the first day I thought it would only be fair if I dedicated it to advent calendars seen as the countdown has begun, The panic to get last minute presents and sort out christmas plans. There is something nostalgic about a calendar as they remind me of growing up, as a child I would get so excited picking out the one I wanted and opening the door. I am still like that today, I even still guess what  it will be with my mum and I don't think we ever get it right.

I have the Yankee Candle christmas house calendar which I am soo excited to open in the run up to christmas. If you are a candle fanatic like me you will realise how great this is to get to try a new candle every day. There are 6 different scented candles throughout the month which I love because it has some variety. They are tea lights so they are small enough to burn in one day ready for the next one. On christmas eve there is a tumbler candle, this is great as it is like an early christmas treat on the night when we can get all cosy and excited for the festivities that start the next day. I don't want o spoil it for anyone but I got the Candy cane lane tea Light today which smells incredible, It is just the perfect scent to match christmas and now it is burning away and im feeling even more excited.

I Like the house design as it is perfectly christmassy without looking over the top, It is the perfect scene for christmas with the snow and the lights, just a perfect gift for someone who loves candles and christmas. I mean just look at the picture above, I don't think it could get anymore festive even if it tried.

Of course it wouldn't be christmas without a chocolate calendar, I chose the milky bar one, purely because I left it so late there wasn't much variety and it is one of my favorite chocolates. Even though that I am nearly 18 I don't think im adult enough not to have a calendar as I still get super excited for christmas. It is just the simplicity of getting a small treat every day in the run up to christmas and the surprise of what it is going to be. I am equally happy for this as I am only allowing myself to have the chocolate from this in the run up as I want to stay healthy!

What Advent Calendar do you have this year?
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