BLOGMAS DAY 10 - Products That Have Stood The Test Of Time

So day ten is quite an exciting post, a lovely girl named kate contacted me asking if I wanted to do a collaboration and I jumped at the chance, I have always wanted to connect with other fellow bloggers so what better time than to do as part of blogmas?  

Kate from Kate Rose xo is a blogger that focuses on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, she posts on tuesdays and fridays and you should check her out! 

For today I will be taking about a few products in my collection that I still go to today even though my collection is much bigger then when I started, these products are my safety blanket if you must, ones that I go to when I don't want to route through my collection, I know these will look great even if I don't feel it!

Bourjois Healthy Mix, I have used this for around 4 years now, I have bought different bottles haha, don't worry this isn't the original one. But as you can tell from the picture it is well loved! I love the glow that it gives my skin and as it says in the name 'healthy' this is definitely achievable by using this. I have oily skin which scared me by buying this as I thought it would make me look shiny, but with a good powder you are sorted for the day. I do tend to stick to this when my skin Is going through a dry stage but I can always rely on this!

Stay Matte powder, I am sure you will have all heard of this by now as it is popular in the beauty world, I have tested many other powders but I have no love for others like I do for this. My favorite thing about this is that it doesn't feel like a second foundation, It doesn't feel heavy on the skin but it does take away shine and keeps makeup looking neat all day. I currently have 4 of these in my draw, two without lids because I somehow seem to loose them all of the time. One that has hit pan but I can't bare to throw away and then this new one because I clearly have a problem.

Another thing in my collection as you can see in the first picture is a blusher, I have no idea where I got this, I think it was from a magazine when I was younger that you could collect makeup in. I can't get rid of it as I haven't yet found the perfect replacement that matches the colour exactly. It is the perfect rosy pink shade that gives you the healthy glow. You can probably see a theme running through this post of products that help to give you the healthy glow.

My one and only eye liner pen that I love! So much indeed, again I have used others but this just clicks for me, smooth application and is easy to get precision while creating the perfect flick. It doesn't dry up which I have found with a few others, it is annoying because there is usually loads of product left that end up being wasted. I also prefer this one from Soap and Glory because it doesn't have that wet texture that some have so it dries quickly and is perfect if you are in a rush.

Another eye product that is in the fist picture is  palette from Marks and Spencer, I got this for christmas one year and I don't use it often apart from the light brown shade, it is the most beautiful shade for in the crease to help bend out a smokey eye. It is the only thing I have from their beauty range but if anything else is similar it is worth checking out!

Last but not least, Revlon Lip Butters, the most glossy, moisturising and pigmented lip product I have. These are my go too when I need to grab a lipstick and run out the door. They have the perfect shade for every occasion and last forever on the lips. I love the packaging because it you are in a rush you can just grab it at a first glance and throw it in your bag. It is super helpful for seeing which colour and just looks pretty sitting on a vanity.

What are your go to makeup items? I would love to know!

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