BLOGMAS DAY 12- Palette collection

I never thought I had that many palettes until I was sorting out my makeup draws the other day and realised I actually have so many that I didn't realise about. So I am dedicating this post to all those I didn't realise I had and I am going to share with you my entire collection.

First up are my favourites, of course they are the naked collation by Urban Decay, I have the naked, naked basics and naked 3. I love everything about these palettes from their simplistic design to the colour ranges. If I am going away anyway I will take my Naked palette because it has such a vast range of colours that can be used for every occasion. For everyday wear I use my basics palette because the range of browns and neutral colours is lovely for creating a simple everyday look. My Naked 3 palette is my least used out of the 3 as I have never really went to grab it while doing my makeup, I need to because the colours in it are so pretty, a full range of pinks and purple shades with a few shimmery ones perfect for the party season ahead.

I will stick to high end brands, Next I have my Mac Burgundy x9 palette, I would recommend this to someone who wants a verity of mac shades for a little price, as they are travel sized it is so handy to take with you on the go. I love this palette and it was worth every Penny. Next I have my very empty make your own palette, I have two shades in this 'All That Glitters' and 'Satin Taupe' I picked these because they are natural shimmery shades that go very well with each other. I am looking forward to expanding this collection over Christmas. They are so pigmented and worth every penny also!

From my favourite high street brand I have a sleek blush palette in Pink Lemonade, this has been well loved and I use it most of the time to add colour, I love the range of colours in this they are all very similar natural looking pink shades, perfect for on the go. I have two eyeshadow palettes I'm not sure of the names for the palettes but hopefully the pictures will show you enough, These are so pigmented, I love the darker coloured palette for SPFX makeup as it is amazing for creating bruises, If you look at my Halloween makeup looks Post you will see on there, this is how I created all of the looks. I tend to use the brighter coloured palette less or if I'm just playing around with makeup.

I have a few miscellaneous palettes from The Colour Institute that I have no Idea where they came from, I think I got them in a kit when I was younger but I love some of the colours so I have decided to keep them. I'm going to search the brand now and see if they have any others that I can look at.

I have a few from Bourjois that I don't really use much as they are summer colours, but next year I will test them out to see how pigmented they are. I also have a baked set of three palette perfect for creating a bronze smokey eye look!

One from Marks and Spencer that I got years ago, I know I probably should throw it away but it has one shade of brown that I use all the time that I can't bear to get rid of as I haven't found a match yet.

I have a Miss Sporty quad that I got for a Halloween look , I wasn't too impressed with the pigmentation but for the Price I can't really complain, I have only ever used mascaras from this range which are really good so I'm not to sure about this one.

Last of the eye palette I have a MUA Undressed palette, a perfect dupe for the Naked palette, the colours are practically the same and it has amazing pigmentation, If you are looking for a naturals palette from the high street go and pick this one up. I also have the Artiste Collection that contains 6 marbled eye shadows, 2 blushes 1 bronzer and one highlight, Perfect for an all in one look, I only use the face products from this so far, I haven't ventured into the brighter eye shadows.

Lastly I have a Benefit concealer Palette which I think came in a Christmas set last year, I have used this a few times and I do like the end results, However, I prefer a concealer in a liquid form that I don't have to put on with my fingers, I just find it all  a bit unhygienic. 

What is your favourite palette? Comment down below I would love to try out some new ones!

Olivia x
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