BLOGMAS DAY 14 - Decorating the house

On the Fourteenth day of christmas... we decorated the house! Feeling rather festive right now and we are halfway through advent already! I am surprised I have not missed a day already but we are going strong so keep with me. I thought I would put together a bunch of artful shots of the decorations in my house. I love decorating and having all of the christmas lights it just feels so cosy and warm.

Our decorations are red, white and black to fit in with the living room, we also have a veriety of textures of baubles to add a bit of sparkle but also class into the christmas decorations. I also love the tree as it isn't the usual green so I think it really stands out!

Obviously there has to be a few candles around as it is the winter season afterall, this is one of the newer ones in our house as we have a few varieties. Woodwick and Yankee candles are a favorite of ours as they have so many scents and look pretty on display!

The world's sweetest nativity going! However  the donkey had a slight accident as our dog decided it would be a great toy and dropped it on the patio in the garden, it is now recovering after a slight breakage... where he became headless... 

The star on top of the tree is always the last decoration to be put on, a sort of tradition if you must that can't be changed!

Have you decorated yet? and are you excited for christmas? 

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