BLOGMAS DAY 16 - Mince Pies!

What gets more christmassy than mince pies? I'm not a fan of ready made ones that you can buy from the supermarket but I do love a good home made one that burns the roof of your mouth off with the lava like filling! This is kind of a cheats guide as I didn't make the pastry, I can make it but let's be real, all I wanted to do was eat them so this method takes literally 10 minutes to prepare them and then 20 to wait around for them to cook and fill the house with festive scents!

Ingredients -
Mince pie filling
Puff Pastry
1 egg or milk for glazing

First I unrolled the pastry and rolled it out a tiny bit more to get the correct consistency, I then took a large circle cookie cutter and cut out twelve circle shapes to fill a cupcake tin with. I then repeated the process and cut out some stars for the lids of the pies, It is up to you what shapes you use as im sure there are many more creative patterns. 

Assemble them in the baking tin and glaze with the egg or milk, it doesn't really matter it just helps them look golden and delicious at the end. I then placed mine in the oven for 20 minutes at around 200C fan. 

Warning, when they come out they are hotter than the surface of the sun ;) do not try one right away I would advise you to be patient and wait haha! They are now ready to eat so serve with a sprinkle of icing sugar and cream for a delightful winter desert. 

What is your favorite winter bake? 

Olivia x