Lush is one of my favorite shops, especially around winter time when they bring out all of the christmassy scents, I had to go in and stock up so that I can have loads of warm baths during the colder months. I thought I would put a post together to show you what they have on offer, if you haven't seen already! These are some of my favorites that I get every year without fail.

This has such a sweet smell and leaves the bath a wonderful pink colour so it doesn't get much better than that! Also as it is a bubble bar it creates a tonne of bubbles, I usually use this alongside a bath bomb to get the best of both worlds.

This one is my favorite lush christmas product ever, it smells incredible and has so many pretty colours!

Oh my goodness, the colour this turns the bath is incredible, such a deep blue colour perfect for relaxing. I mean just look at all of the colour in it, it's exciting to look at.

I am saving this one for christmas eve, what better way to spend the night before christmas then in a bath the colour of santa? isn't it just the cutest.

This is to die for! It has a really cocoa smell I want to say, that really sweet yummy fragrance that makes you want to eat it aha! This also has a sort of bath melt in the middle that helps to leave your skin moisturised after sitting in the bath. The only downside is that it leaves your bath a yellow colour which is not pretty. 

This isn't my favorite fragrance but I love how it has multi colours inside so it is like  gift that keeps on giving!

Of course the classic comforter, doesn't get much better than this and it creates so many bubbles and lasts forever! so much bath product for your money. 

That's it for today, What is your favorite lush product? leave an answer in the comments below! I can't wait for the christmas sales to stock up for the rest of the year.

Olivia x