BLOGMAS DAY 2 - Yes to skincare

Thought I would share with you all some amazing new skincare items that I have been testing! I have heard and seen so many share about the yes too range and I Have never been able to get my hands on them. Until I was in boots a few weeks ago and I noticed that they had a shelf full of the range. To my amazement they have so many different types so I have decided to share with you my thoughts and feelings!

Jumping in straight away with the yes to carrots - normal to dry skin - intense hydration Night cream. The title it pretty much accurate for this cream, it is thick in consistency and defiantly hydrates your skin. Winter has hit me hard this year, the cold weather has really dried my face out leaving it thirsty so to me this product screamed out. I have been using it every night for around two weeks (I wanted to test it to see the full benefits) I have noticed already the improvement in my skin, it is no longer dry and it feels plump and really glowy. The texture is thick as I mentioned earlier but I find that this is a good sign of a night cream, I use a thin layer across the whole of my face and it really sinks in. The only problem I would have is that It is quite heavy on the skin, I can feel that it is there but It doesn't bother me massively as I put it on before bed. Another thing that I have fallen in love with this brand is that all of the products are natural so they are good for your skin instead of using chemicals. It doesn't have a scent which I love because my skin is fairly sensitive and can become irritated by some of the fragrant creams.
I have also noticed how much my skin has cleared up since introducing these products into my routine, which is always a massive plus!

The second and final item that I picked up is the Yes to Tomatoes - combination skin - Daily balancing Moisturiser. I Haven't used this as much as the night cream as it is still a thick consistency, I have found that it needs a long time to sink into the skin so if you are in a rush in the morning it is not the best product to use under makeup. Hoverer, I have been using it when I get home after I have removed my makeup just to add the hydration back in to the skin. It is also good to use on no makeup days or on days when you have more time. I think that using both of the products together is a really great base to a skin care routine if you get dry skin because they are so hydrating and feel like they should be more expensive then they actually are. One thing that I do like more with the tomato range is that It is a larger amount, They are both 50ml but I feel like this one will last me longer because it isn't as thick so you don't need to use as much. It comes in a pump container which I love, I feel like it is more hygienic as you aren't placing your fingers into the pot. It is also a lot easier to determine how much you are going to get by just using one pump.

Both products have been a great purchase on my behalf, I am glad I have tried that and I will be purchasing them again when they have ran out which is always a good sign. I think that the packaging is sleek and simple which I love as I tend to have them on display.

If you have used this brand leave a comment down below on the products you have tried out and what you thought to them!


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