BLOGMAS DAY 21 - A Christmas Market

On Sunday I traveled to Manchester to visit the christmas market, I don't know about you but I love going to visit all of the lovely little stalls and having a browse. I usually pick up my last christmassy bits for people as you can find some really cute little handmade gifts. I don't have much to say so I'll just show you all of the pictures that I took during the day!

First of all Coffee and Toastie break before our second train to Manchester, Hope you enjoy the pictures that I took of the day!

There were so many musical people around the city center, some were amazing and then others not so much haha! But hey it's the christmas spirit that counts.

Some pictures from the main food area, I find the santa so creepy like it's not even a nice statue haha it's terrifying.

There were so many pretty lights around the area which made it so festive, I tried to take as many photos of the lights as they just added to the market.

Foooood is the best part, these were incredible but extremely sickly. 

I love the hits that all the stalls are placed in, it makes it feel like a snowy village or something.

How sweet are these lights? they look really modern which is a huge contrast to the rest of the market but I loved how unique they look.

Have you been to a christmas market this year? 

Olivia x