BLOGMAS DAY 20 - Christmas Room Decor

As well as decorating the house I like to decorate my room, I always have as it makes it all cosy and christmassy! I have a small tree in the corner of my room with many baubles that I have collected over the years, including my first ever one that I had as a child. I stick loads of candles around my room in a variety of scents so that I can just light them instead of routing around for them. I also have a few ornaments that I place around every year to vamp up the christmas spirit even more.

I got this for christmas a few years back from my grandma, who had a collection that I was obsessed with. It is a decoration on a spring that if you pull bounces up and down, hours of entertainment for the younger ages and a sweet decoration as I grow older!

The topper of my tree is a sweet robin as I like to collect a veriety of ornaments from wherever I go to go on my very own tree.

I still have my very first bauble that I like to display on my tree as more of a memory then anything.

Some little decorations here and there to make my room feel festive! I don't have too many but just t remind myself that it is the christmas season after all. especially with this warm weather we seem to be having here in Yorkshire recently, where is the snow?!

The only snow i'll be seeing this christmas...

And of course we can't forget a stocking, I will never get too old for one and I have had this for years so I can't bare to part with it as of yet, looks like it will be in use for one more year at least.

When do you like to decorate?

Olivia x