BLOGMAS DAY 22 - Instagram worthy Restaurant!

Honestly, walking into this restaurant was like stepping inside instagram/pinterest! With the light up letters on the wall, the mix and match furniture and the vintage looking decorations it was just the prettiest and well put together place I have ever eaten at. If I owned a cafe or something this would literally be my inspiration.

The Menu was set up to look like a newspaper which is so different from anywhere I have been. It is a Cuban restaurant and the food was absolutely incredible. I had a crispy type rap that had chicken in and I think cheese from what I can remember, they it came with huge side of rice, beans and guacamole. The food was fresh and extremely filling, to the point where I became defeated and have to give in! The staff were lovely as well so If you happen to be in the Manchester area I would most definitely recommend this place for a bite to eat. 

Olivia x