BLOGMAS DAY 23 - I have a Record player

I don't know what has attracted me to the idea of owning a record player but for about 3 years I have dreamed of opening one for christmas, This year my wishes came true and this mint green beauty appeared in front of me! I can't explain how happy I am to see this sitting in my room in all of its 'vintage' beauty. However, I have quickly learnt that they are much more harder work than simply going on youtube, but I suppose it is the novelty that I love hearing the music so personally and having a physical vinyl to listen too.

It is a crosley record player that you can buy from Urban outfitters and it comes in so many colours! I personally wanted this one as it fit in with my room decor and im sure as I get older and eventually move out it will fit in nicely still...

I received five records along with the actual player which I have been playing constantly since I opened it! I have Halsy, Arctic Monkeys, The smiths, Taylor swift 1989 and Kendrick lamar, this is quite a varied mix of artists but I love different genres of music. I am so excited to Play Halsey as I am going to see her it February and I can't wait! + the actual record is blue which Is so pretty and different to the rest!

I am looking forward to adding more to my collections as I am going to visit a few record fairs in the near future! But as for now this is the end of the post and I have to go and flip my record as it has come to the end of part one... The joys of old school music players haha! I have had this for a week now and I still love it very much so I am so happy that I received this as an early christmas present!

Do you have a record player? and what if your favorite kind of music?


Olivia x