Thank you for those of you who have been reading my entire 24 days of blogmas, i'm quite sad it has come to an end but also relieved as the task of posting everyday became very stressful towards the end. 
I hope you have enjoyed it, i've never done this type of thing before but I have been able to join together with some other bloggers in collaborations, I have also loved getting a few comments as it helps me realise that people do read! I wanted to get a mixed variety
of posts for people but I also wanted to include a few that can be kept as memories for myself in years to come.

 I am currently sat in christmas Pj's drinking a snowball and getting the last of the presents wrapped so I thought I would quickly post the last blogmas! I want to keep up blogging often as I have really gotten into it these last two months so I will be back at it in 2016, If you want to leave some ideas in the comments below that would be a huge help!

Hope you all have a wonderful christmas and the big man himself brings you everything you have asked for! and have a wonderful start to the new year :) 

Love always..
 Olivia x