BLOGMAS DAY 4 - Nails for winter

I did this sort of post for spring nail colours so I am going to do the same for winter as the colours I chose change. I tend to go for darker shades such as purples and reds. I also like to ass shimmer into the mix as it is party season so it is an easy way to add detail to an outfit without going overboard. I also opt for matte shades as I think dark colours look so lovely in matte. 

A few of my favorite brands that I like to use for nail products are Topshop, Barry M and nails inc. I have recently purchased some Essie nail varnishes too, I was too amazed at their colour range and wanted to grab one of every colour. It is similar to topshop with the vast amount of colour choices, whereas they are more expensive. 

I find that Barry M do the best ranges, they often do ranges such as mattes or their speedy range of quick dry varnishes. For a steal of £3.99 I find that I buy majority of my collection from here. I especially love to get them when boots have a 3 for 2 offer as it means I can justify getting even more.

Nails Inc are a lovely brand that I have quite a few from, I especially love their range of top coats, They have plenty of different varieties ranging from metal, leather and feather effects, It is such a lovely and unique way to add different textures to your outfit.
The final brand that I have some varnishes from is Bourjois, I have found that they are the longest

lasting before chipping and they are so lovely, I usually only need one layer which I think helps it not to chip! They are in such pretty bottles as well. Another product I love it their nail varnish remover, It is a pot with sponges inside that you just place your finger into and after about 5 seconds the varnish is completely gone, no messing around with cotton pads.

Olivia x

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