BLOGMAS DAY 5 - November Favorites

Yet again another month has absolutely flown by, it is crazy how fast December has come around so quickly and we are now opening our 5th door on the advent calendars. As another month ends I start to gather everything that I have been loving this month, so let's get on with it!

I will start off with Beauty products this month, I only have two the month and they are both lip products. I will start off with one from Revlon, this was actually from the November Glossybox and I have been absolutely been loving it. It is the perfect colour for everyday wear which I have been doing for the most part of this month. I received the shade 'Pink In The Afternoon' a pretty pink shade, I would say it is more of a nude but not really nude enough, totally does not make sense but oh well! It is quite hydrating and feels lovely and smooth on the lips so it is overall a winner for me.

On the more pricier end of the makeup scale I have also been wearing YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 9 whenever I haven't been wearing the Revlon lip. This is such a luxury lipstick as it is fairly expensive so it is more of a treat one to save up for. This is a less opaque pigment, on the more glossy side of a lipstick but I much prefer this as it feel so hydrating on the lips. They are pretty similar shades so if you are interested in either they are similar shades. I especially love the the packaging as it looks expensive and special when you have it on display or grab it out of your bag, I love how it is so different to other brands that usually have black packaging to it makes a nice change.

next on to skin care as the cold weather has been playing havoc with my face, I have been grabbing two moisturisers this month and I haven't really touched anything else. During the day I have been using the Simple anti-blemish moisturiser, my skin has been fairly good recently *touch wood* it stays that way! But this was in my collection and I have been using it because it is fairly lightweight enough to wear during the day under makeup and it sits nicely. However, it feels so fresh on the skin, I don't know if it is where I store it but it always feels cooling on the skin which I have fallen in love with because it is so refreshing and wakes me up for the day ahead. It says you should see results from day one and I haven't really been using it for its job that it has been made for but as I said previously my skin has been better than ever recently so it could be down to this.

I have also been using my Yes To Carrots normal to dry intense hydration night cream, sighh that is a mouthful. It has natural ingredients and is fragrance free and it works. What more can you ask for from a product huh? I have written a whole blog post if you want to click here to read more about this wonderful cream.

Its not just the face that needs some TLC, I have made it my aim to moisturise every single evening after I have had a shower and I have been using the Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory, I have tried so many others and this seems to always have my back, Intensely hydrating and it sinks in really quickly so you don't have to go to bed with that awful sticky feeling. It isn't my favourite fragrance the brand do but I do love the product as a whole.

Hands next, they have been saved by Burt's Bees this month with two products, First is the Honey and Grapeseed Hand cream, It is luxurious as a hand cream, very thick and hydrating. This month I have had quite dry skin so using this multiple times a day has really helped. I have used others but they stung my hands as they have been so dry but this has helped to bring them back to life. Alongside this I have been using the hand salve balm, I didn't know what it was at first but if you rub it in your hands to warm it up it turns into an oily consistency and had worked perfectly as a pair to really live my hands the love they have needed this month. I love how natural they feel as they aren't too strongly fragrances and don't feel as chemically. 

For fragrance this month It has been Victoria secret sprays as they are the bomb, they last forever and they have so many scents for everyone tastes. I have been throwing into my bag this month one called Escape, I think this was a summer range as they had 5 out when I was going on holiday when I picked this up. It is a fragrance mist that smells of Dragon Fruit and Amber so take that as you wish, I can describe the smell, It is quite a sweet smell but not as sweet as coconut or vanilla scents.

Some random favorites of the month would be Invisibobble, I have been so late jumping on this train but i will never go back to using normal bobbles, They get such a good grip of the hair and keep it in place all day! I wear these at work and too the gym to make sure my hair still looks good at then end. I like that they come in clear so you can't really tell they are in, but, even better yet they don't leave kinks in your hair so you can let it down and it still looks perfectly strait.

Last but not least is a book that I have been reading a lot. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen this recently. 'Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs' I only have a bridge camera so this will be much more useful if you have a DSLR but it has so many tips and helpful guides on how to use a camera and all of the different settings. It has five chapter if you will Composition, Exposure, Light, Lenses, Seeing and Appendix. If you are advanced you may know most of it already but it has taught me so many tricks to do with my camera to improve the quality of my pictures. 

Hope you have enjoyed this very long favorites, what have been your favorites this month?
See you tomorrow for the next day of blogmas!

Olivia  x

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