BLOGMAS DAY 6 - Lazy Sunday Routine

Sundays are the perfect time for sleeping in or having a lazy morning, not getting dressed in proper clothes and not bothering with makeup. This is unless I am going out anywhere, in that case I won't do any of these things. Usually Sundays are my only days off from school and work so I like to really pamper myself and have a relaxing day. 

I usually wake up around 9 for a lay in, then get up and grab a cup of tea and depending if im hungry i'll make up some breakfast. Recently been loving french toast with cinnamon and sugar on top, it tastes incredible. I will then continue with my usual skincare routine paying extra attention to moisturising so my face can have a long drink throughout the no makeup day. I then put on some comfy clothes and chill out for a bit while I finish my tea, During this time I like to catch up on youtube videos and some friends episodes that I am currently addicted to. This time is spent catching up from what I have missed over the week and focusing on my social media.

11:00 I get all of my blogging things out and write a list of photos that I need to take, taking advantage of the daylight hours during winter so this is the best time for me to get them all prepared while I have time. After I have taken enough flatlays and instagrammable photos I will then upload them to my laptop and edit them so they are all ready to use. Planning blog posts is also done on sundays I like to write a few for the following week so that I am already prepared and I don't have to think about them being late or missing one. This time is also filled with answering emails and eating yummy foods.

In the evening I like to change my bedding to something clean and get ready for bed I love fresh beddings after a pamper evening especially when they are really cold so I can snuggle up and be extremely cosy, I will be doing a sunday evening routine as part of blogmas so make sure you are subscribed for that. Then I just watch films for the rest of the evening and totally chill out before the week ahead!

What do you enjoy doing on Sundays?

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