BLOGMAS DAY 8 - Winter Night In

My typical night in starts with returning home from school, usually from a brisk walk home in the cold weather. First things first is to put some comfy clothes on, at the minute I have been wearing christmas pyjama bottoms and then a cosy jumper. I'm not planning on going anywhere so it doesn't matter too much. Plus the funny looks from the postman are easily ignorable... 

I then like to play with my dogs for a bit because I haven't seen them all day and I miss them while im at school so it's nice to have a few minutes with them. After this I make my way downstairs and grab a drink, recently I have been enjoying flavoured teas. I have a massive collection, big enough to do a collection post haha! or for the sweet tooth I fulfill it by having a hot chocolate and squirty cream, the ultimate drink for a cold winter's evening when it's dark outside.

Back upstairs I light my candles, plenty of them around my room and sit in bed, I watch an episode of friends or two just to relax and unwind from the school day. Then i'll do some school work, at the minute im revising for mocks so I have been doing past papers and essays. To take a break seen as it's december I like to catch up on some vlogmas videos, I need more time in the day to fit them all in! I will do some work on my blog, either editing pictures or adding the final touches to a post.

For the rest of my evening I will continue the same and then get ready for bed, I will be doing a 'nighttime routine' where I talk in depth on how I get ready for bed and skincare! So make sure you are following me so you don't miss a day, I have a blog post going live every day and a few collaborations.

What do you like to do on an evening?

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