BLOGMAS DAY 9 - Cleaning Makeup Brushes

One task that if you have loads of makeup brushes then you will understand how boring and tedious is can be, it is for me anyway. It is the one job a week that I will put off continuously but I am making it by priority from now on to keep on top of it every week and just wash the ones I have used. I don't have a massive amount of brushes compared to some people but I would say I have over 50 which is an extraordinary amount for me which takes forever to wash, clean and dry.

To start of with I filled three pots with baby shampoo, just about 2 inches at the bottom of a cup will do, I then place my brushes into this, usually separating into face eyes and foundation brushes. This allows each brush to be covered in soap and be ready for the next stage. I also find that this helps save time and uses less shampoo. 

I then use an oven mitt that I found from B&M it is just a silicone mitt with bumps all over it, perfect for swirling your brush around and a cheaper alternative to other makes. I also find that you can use hotter water which helps clean them better and it doesn't hurt your hand because obviously it is heat proof, it's a win win situation.

I run my brushes under the water while swirling it around on the mit, ensuring that the water runs clear before I move on to the next brush, I take extra precaution while washing foundation brushes because they will gather the most bacteria from being used every day so it is better to clean them thoroughly. 

After I have done every single brush I will get a towel and fold it in half, with one half I will roll it backwards and place it underneath the other half to create a ramp effect. Then I will place the brush bristle down so that the water can drain out without ruining the brush itself. This helps to prevent bristles from falling out and also helps them dry quicker.

It usually takes me 10-20 minutes depending on how many brushes I have and how thorough I clean them.

What techniques do you use when cleaning brushes? leave a comment below I love learning new tips!

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