BLOGMAS DAY 11 - What's on My Face Friday!

I have recently been sharing my makeup that I have been wearing everyday on Instagram so I am going to start posting these posts with more information about what I use, why and how. I hope you enjoy these as I know I love seeing what other people use. 

For today I start off by using my yes to tomatoes moisturiser, If you haven't seen yet I have done a whole blog post about my feelings for this, I will leave a link at the end. I just find that In the colder months It is great to start with a hydrating base to ensure that your makeup stays put and looks as flawless as possible.

I have then been using the maybelline baby skin - instant fatigue blur, If you know me then you will know that I hate primers, I love how they work but I really really don't like how some of them feel on my face. But I have really taken a liking to this specific one as it doesn't feel as heavy. I also love how it makes my skin look, Its like it just adds the healthy glow strait back into it as soon as it has been applied. 

As you may know if you read my blog often, L'oreal infallible matte foundation is my go to, my holy grail of all products, my staple, Whatever you want to call it that is it to me! I just fell in love with how seamlessly it applies and blends into the skin. As well as that, It is probably one of the only matte foundations that actually follows through with being matte! 

For blusher I have been going for my benefit rockateur, I have never been one to wear blusher I usually stick to bronzes to add colour to my face. But If I am going to use on a generally pick this as it adds such a soft pink glow to the apples of my cheeks. I find that It is build able so it can look as subtle as you prefer.

For lipstick choice I have been sticking to reds and purples, They are such lovely autumnal colours that just finish an outfit. I have been using my Mac Red a lot! It isn't what I would call a true red but sort of a pink/red, However I do find it to be drying so I have been using a lip balm before hand to really lock in the moisture before hand.

Olivia x

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