Brow routine

I have been getting quite a few compliments on my brows recently which I firstly thing is such a good thing as they are one of the areas that I spend the most time one. I think that they are essential as they make the whole face look complete and without them it just feels so weird. I naturally have really thick eyebrows so they don't need much doing to them so for you people like me you may find this helpful!

I firstly take one of the small brushes and come through just to get it in the ugly kind of shape and looking slightly neat. Then I will take this maybelline brow wiz pencil and gradually fill in the brow with small upward strokes, go using heavily towards the outer end to get that sharp point. Towards the inside I like to keep it looking natural so I don't go in as heavily.

To finish off the look and to make sure that they keep in place all day I use my maybelline brow dram which is like a tinted mascara but for eyebrows if you haven't seen it before, I love this one as it doesn't make them go really hard and crispy like some do as that tends to hurt me a lot. It has a round ball shaped brush on the end so it makes it super easy to brush through quickly if you are in a rush.

What are your favorites brow products?

Olivia x