Clinique lipsticks

Wow, these lipsticks are perfect! A few weeks before christmas I picked up a magazine with a free one in but I think it is part of a different collection. Then I saw these beauties in store as part of a christmas so I subtly dropped hints that I would like them for christmas. This was a surprise because my mum never acted like she was going to consider them so when I opened them I was so happy and fell in love instantly. There are seven different lipsticks and the idea is that there is a different one for every day of the week! Leading on from this I will start talking about what I love! Their names, they are so clever and obviously thought through, I have some pictures below of some of my favorites including' Finally Friday' and 'Monday Mojo' I just think it is such a lovely extra when you are buying a lipstick and It helps to try different colours that I wouldn't usually chose. 

The packaging is also so lovely and sleek, I personally keep my lipsticks on show and I want to build up collections so that there are groups of different brands instead of the odd one here or there. So I got a new one over the christmas period and these fit perfectly in one line so I like to look at them when they are on display. They are smaller than most lipsticks so they are perfect to throw into a bag ready for the day ahead. Also I have found that because they are not black they don't get lost in the bottom of the bag which is so useful. I also love that they are not black because all other lipsticks seem to be black or in black packaging so it is a refreshing change. I like that they have texture as well it makes such a difference.

I'll stop blabbering on about what they look like and jump into the bit you are all actually interested about! Of course we will start off with the formulae, I love these probably more than some of my mac ones, they are so easy to apply and have a smaller surface for application so you can just glide it on. They are super silky and don't dry out on the lips which is essential for me in winter because my lips do tend to get quite dry. The colour pay off is incredibly true to what it looks like, it doesn't look faded or come off lighter and less pigmented. So it doesn't get much better then that, they are a great overall product that I have enjoyed trying out.

Olivia x