Going to New York

By the title suggests I am heading to the big apple, I am so excited and honestly so shocked this is happening for my birthday, I have a countdown set and a plan of where I want to go, see and do! I found out on christmas day which made it even more special that my mum had done it this way. I had finished opening what I thought were all of my presents when she started looking around and said that she must have left something upstairs. I was confused but carried on looking at what I had already been given, at this point she came downstairs baring a book shaped package. I didn't think it would been as bigger a surprise as this as I was totally oblivious that she had been planning this getaway. So I opened it and I saw the title and I cried, I hold my hands up and admit it, it wasn't even a cute 'im so happy cry' it was full on ugly crying hahahah! But this wasn't it, I noticed a piece of paper poking out and on it was a URL, which I will keep forever, this had a link to a countdown that say 'my birthday trip to nyc' and omg I have never been so happy/excited/surprised and overwhelmed. I seriously am so happy, this has been a dream of mine for ages and it is finally happening!

I'm pretty sure it's everyone's dream to go at some point in their lives and I am lucky enough to be waking up on my 18th birthday, I wanted to make this post as I will be blogging while I'm there and sharing picture of my trip but I also need some places to go, me and my mum have found some main places to visit, the tourist attractions and of course makeup shopping. But if you have been I would love to know some great places to go that aren't well known.

What I want to do 
* See a show on broadway - Les miserables 
*Visit 911 
*central park
*Top of the Rock
*Bloomingdales and sephora
*Go to the cupcake ATM
*Go on a bus tour
*Visit grand central station 
*Eat pancakes 

So if you have any places of recommendations I would love for you to leave them in the comments below as I want to really explore the city, but for now watch this space for pictures and updates of my trip:) 

Olivia x