Huge declutter

I have emerged from my christmas coma and the harsh reality of sixth form has hit me hard so what better time then to de-clutter and have a really good sort out of things that are just taking up unnecessary space in our lives? I for one love sorting out and throwing out unwanted things, especially after the festivities have faded and we have all of the presents to house.

I start off with my wardrobe as I want to remove all of the things that I haven't worn during the previous year, I don't see the point in keeping anything that I am never likely to wear again. I then go into my built in wardrobe that is used as a storage area with different cubes, I go through them one by one and I try to be as harsh as I can to ensure that I can live in a clear and clean environment! I feel that the less 'stuff' I have cluttered in my room the more relaxed I feel.

I then move to under my bed, the place where everything without a home goes to live, I usually just shove stuff in the draws and never use because it isn't in my eyesight everyday. This is perfect for me to remove as If I haven't used it for a while it goes!

To finish off my de-cluttering I will go through all of my beauty products, skincare, haircare and makeup. This again is just removing things that I haven't used in ages or things that may have gone out of date. I will usually give them away to people if they are still in good enough condition but most of it will be old mascaras or foundations that are just no good!

*When I am removing clothes I will put them in bags and give them to charity as I think it is such a waste to throw them away so why not give them to someone more deserving.

*Make piles of things when sorting out, I usually have bin, keep and maybe. I will then go through the maybe pile at the end and see what I can throw away that I don't really need but I had doubts about. 

*Make sure you have a tidy area to tidy in first, making your bed will help as it helps to minimise the chaos that can be created while sorting out.

*Be really harsh while going through everything in your possession, I usually judge it on about 6 months and If I haven't used it in that time frame then it goes, unless it is something special that I will always keep.

I hope this is helpful for you all, I want to start doing some lifestyle posts on the blog to mix things up abit, I love sorting out and tidying, it is just one of the things that I care about and having a tidy space to live in and have a clear mind.

Olivia x