New year 2016!!!

Well it's that time of year again, new year new me but I can honestly say I am leaving this year with open eyes and expecting big things for this coming year. This year has been s**t but in many ways it has brought me and the people around me closer. Don't get me wrong the year has had some brilliant memories and those are the ones I want to be able to look back on in years to come. Here are 15 things I want to happen next year and things I am going to look forward to! 

Looking back -
1- I have started to learn how to drive
2- I got my first job with a great group of people 
3 - I passed my first year of A-levels
4 - I went away on a forest Holiday which was a really relaxing getaway
5 - went on an amazing Holiday to turkey
6 - visited some lovely national trust places and had some lovely days out
7 - Improved my makeup skills 'insert change picture here'
8 - Got 2 unconditional uni offers for a criminology degree which is crazy
9 - Joined a gym and did something to make me happy 
10 - gained over 1000 followers on Instagram (I know it's not a huge amount but honestly it makes me so happy that I have people that read my blog now) 
11 - Survived my First spin class
12 - There was a family wedding 
13 - Passed Theory test for driving
14 - Completed Blogmas without missing a day!
15 - Changed my lifestyle to be healthier 

New Year Goals
- Get fitter
- Read more - 12 Books - one for each month of the year
- Travel 
- Set myself new challenges throughout the year
- Go to Uni
- Pass my Driving test
- Learn a new language 
- Be happy with my blog
- Go out more
- Explore a new place
- Pass my second year of A Levels
- Save money 
- Go on a girls holiday 
- Laugh more

Have you set yourself any goals for the new year? 
Olivia x