New York bound

I Thought I'd do an update as in going to New York in two days?!??!? I'm so bloomin excited I can't even cope! But of course comes the stress of packing, that I don't cope too well with as I always panic I'll forget something super important.

So I thought I'd put together a list of things a do in the days running up to a trip away, starting off with having everything I need, this included buying some cosy jumpers as looking at the weather forecast has shown that it will be fairly cold. I also needed a new bag that could be worn on a shoulder strap that was big enough to hold my camera, phone, purse and any other site seeing essentials. Now for this I was just looking for a black bag but I found this gorgeous one in new look and with student discount it was even better! I also got a few new tops just so I had plenty of warm clothes to wear while I'm away. 

Next is making a list of everything I need so I don't forget, I usually place it into groups of things like 'makeup, toiletries, clothes and electicle items' this just helps me to see clearly what I have and what I don't have right away. I then pack it with important things in the middle surrounded by clothes so they don't get ruined. I also set aside things that I will need to take but I still need to use in the next few days so I'll put them in a separate travel bag or makeup bag. Also as we are stopping in a hotel the night before I need to make sure things are easy to access in my case so that I don't have to rummage through when I get there.

One of the last things I do is make sure everything is updated and charged, you know which apple products there is a new update every few months so I want to make sure they are done before I go.i then charge my batteries for my camera so that I have backup ones just in case, I still take my charger but the ones I use from Amazon are usually long lasting! I then charge my iPad and kindle just to make sure that I will have enough entertainment for the flight. I am taking a portable charger but it's good to start off with things on 100%.

That is all I have done so far, as well as changing my money to dollar so that I have spending money to go shopping with while I'm there. Hope you have found this helpful if you are like me and get stressed while traveling!

- O