Olloclip Phone Lenses

Do you have a love for photography? or wanting a camera but don't want to spend hundreds? welllll... I think I may have found the perfect answer! I absolutely love my camera and I usually have it with me everywhere I go but I have found that it is sometimes too big to take with me or I'm going somewhere where I don't want to take it but I want more than just my phone. Are you keeping up? I'm not sure if any of that made sense but I hope it does! I asked for a camera lense for my phone for christmas as I had seen them around, I didn't do any research I just thought hey that's cool. 

My mum got me these which have proved to be as good and even better then my camera! I love them even more as they are rose gold so they match my phone, I know, I know it is incredibly sad but it's the small things. It is a 4 in 1 photo lense that simple slips over the camera and acts like a real camera lense. There are two macro in 10 and 15x and a wide-angle and a Fish eye, the later of which I have used the most. I was confused at first as it only seems to be two but they simply screw off and reveal a lense underneath. This is on the pricier side but still a whole lot cheaper than a camera so If you are a beginner or someone that is always on the move then these would be perfect. 

Here are some close up shots, they are not the best example as I was a bit shaky but it is incredible how much it zooms in, I tried them on my makeup brushes to get a close up of the number and you could literally tell the groove where it had been printed!!

This is another one of the photos I have taken using the fisheye lense, It is one of my favorite gifts as I can improve my photography and take some pretty pictures.

Olivia x