Soap and Glory Sunkissed Tinted Body lotion

Something I have never seen on the shelves before, to be honest I never usually go and look at the soap and glory stands as I get so much at christmas time it lasts me for the entire year. But this year I got the whole shebang set from the company and it happened to come with all of my favorite products. When I was first browsing through I pulled this specific product out and noticed that it is something possibly new but definitely something I have never seen before.

With the first use I was so surprised as I expected it to be like the gradual tanning lotions that I have seen before but this is like an actual tanner that you can apply minutes before a night out, It gives a lovely glow without looking orange and fake so it is a plus for me as I never use fake tan as I hate the way it makes me look. You only need a small amount with one applications so I can tell that this will last me a long time.

It most certainly gives a sun kissed look but I would say it is aimed for the more paler of us but other then that I would have no complaints. I used it on my arms chest and shoulders just to test it out as this is usually all that is on show during the winter months and I could tell that there was a slight hint of colour making me look less like a pale ghost. The great thing about this is that it stays on until you have a shower or wash it off, I love this concept as it doesn't go streaky as its fading it just removes all in one, perfect for a night out.

As I said I am not a tanner usually and I wouldn't have noticed this if I hadn't received it in the set but I have to say I may be buying this again after I have used this tube which is a good sign. It is good to see more and more products being added to the Soap and Glory range as it is one of my favorite bath and body brands to use.

Olivia x