What I got for Christmas

I have been debating writing this since christmas day as I have been extremely spoilt this year with presents from everyone so I didn't want to come across as showing off. I personally love this type of thing as I can get inspiration on what to get next or what to ask for, for my birthday. So if you are not into this type of post you don't have to read it.

I will start off with my main presents, I usually get one from my mum and one from my dad separately as I have two christmases. So this year I have been so lucky to get a Crosley record player and some vinyls which I have already done a post on. And I also received a new phone which I got the Iphone 6s In rose gold as my contract for my old phone ended and the screen was really cracked. I am in love with both as I have had my eye on them for what seems like ever!

I got some bath and body bits from Soap and Glory this year which I am really happy with as it means I will be stocked up for a while and I love everything from the range. I got a gift set of origins products as I got the face mask in the sales last year and I want to try out some more things from the range and so far I have loved everything. 

From family and friends I received a victoria secret gift set which is perfect for me because I love the scents so much and the sprays last forever! I got some ted baker sets with nail varnishes, I adore the packaging of their products as it is alway so pretty! Along the lines of gift sets I have received an adorable Beauticology set that came in a lovely tin with some christmas scents in so I am looking forward to trying these! I also got some Essie nail varnishes as I am starting to replace all of my nail varnishes with better quality ones so I received a christmas set of 4 which I am excited to use.

For makeup I only received a few bits as we are actually going away in the new year so I can buy most of what I want to get while I'm away. But from what I did get I wouldn't have expected anything else! I got the naked smokey which oh my goodness is so perfect, it is the loveliest pallette and perfect for smokey eyes. I got two benefit boxed blushes in Rockateur and Hervana, I love them so much. Also from Benefit I got a set of all of the best products which is lovely as I love everything in it so I will get so much use out of them. Another makeup set I got is a set of 7 lipsticks from Clinique, I love their lipsticks as they have a lovely formula and they have really cool names also. A gift that I wasn't expecting at all is a set of rose gold zoeva eye brushes, I will be doing a post for these soon but they are heavenly. I feel extremely lucky to receive some thoughtful makeup gifts.

Some other bits that I got, some lush products including my favorite rose jam, I am obsessed it smells incredible. I got a tangle teezer as I have only ever had the fake ones so now I am the owner of a metallic pink one. I got some new pajamas which I love, they are in a blue and floral pattern and along with this I got some fluffy socks because I love to wear them around the house. I got some lenses for my Iphone as I love taking pictures so these are great to just clip on and take great pictures. I got a vinyl - 1975 as it is one of my favorite bands so I am happy that I have this to play on my new record player. I also got some chocolate teas as I am a huge tea lover and a lovely candle from Village candle which I have never heard of before but they are a copy of Yankee I think but they smell amazing!

Last of all I got some books for christmas, I got a funny book which has become almost a tradition, my mum will chose on that it just silly and more of a coffee table book and this year I got a book full of swearing animals which is absolutely hilarious and I love it! I got the next zoella book as I got the last one ages ago and just wanted to see how it continued, I got a mug cake book as I have been making them a lot recently so now I will have an actual recipe.

Last but not least, it is technically a birthday present but I have been told now as we are going there for my birthday, which is a trip to New York. I was told after I opened everything else which shocked me so much I never imagined that I would open a guide book for that on christmas day. I am really excited to go as I have wanted to go forever. So this really shocked me on christmas day but I can't wait I have already planned what I want to do!

I have been extremely lucky this year, I am every year but this year has taken it to another level! I am in no way showing off as I said I love reading these types of posts. I hope you have all had an amazing christmas and have a wonderful new year! 

Olivia x