Who am I?

I realised recently that I'm not very personal on my blog, I want that to change immediately so I thought I would do an almost get to know me post just so I can get to know you and viser versa! 

As you know I'm Olivia, I'm 18 (not used to saying that!) I am from England and I am in my second year of 6th form. Currently studying medical science and sociology which will hopefully take me onto doing criminology at uni next year! 

I love makeup, photography and fitness and I want to use this platform to share this with you all! I also am a huge user of Instagram - my most used social media platform! 'Describingolivia' I have a huge obsession with les mis, I have seen it on Broadway and west end now and frequently listen to the soundtracks and watch the film version. So far in my life I have had a huge role in the air cadets that has taught me so much and I wouldn't change it for the world! Seriously what teenager can say that they have spent their weekends flying, gliding, shooting or parading in front of crowds! I want to follow this route into my adult life and at some point hope o join the RAF and fulfill my dream of traveling with them!

I don't really know what else to say hah! I don't have too much going on at the moment, I passed my driving test the other week so I suppose that's interesting, after a year of lessons I passed first times which I was stoked about. I honestly thought I had failed so I cried hahahah! But oh well I won't see the test person again. I do love driving, it's so relaxing and just lets you have a time out from everything for a few hours!

I have a few goals for this year, to continue postin on my blog frequently and speak to new people, which I have done, I have to say most people approach me first as it is out of my comfort zone but I do love talking to people on social media and sharing common interests! So if you have seen me floating around id love to speak to you:) 

Well I'm done boring you all now Thankyou for reading this and hopefully you have learnt some more about me!