Zoeva brushes

Oh my goodness I have some Zoeva brushes, I still am in love as I have lusted after these for ages as they look so pretty and I've heard good things about them, luckily to me they don't disappoint. I got the rose gold eye set as it appears to have every brush for your eye that you will need to create any look. There are small detail brushes, liner and plenty of blending brushes which is perfect as I have been obsessed with smokey eyes at the minute so there is a lot of blending involved.

They come in a lovely croc patterned pouch I would say so if you want to take them on the go you have a little bag to put them in. They are unbelievably soft and I have problems with using eye brushes as my eyes are quite sensitive so they can become irritated quickly and these have not done anything like that so far!
They clean extremely well, it is one of my pet hates when you have white bushes and they get sort of stained after you have used them, I hate it. But I have washed these once already and they came out looking brand new so I am pleased that I can tick that off. 

Compared to other brushes it is hard to say, I Think everyone has different opinions on brushes so I love mine but if someone else got them and didn't think they were great I would feel bad for saying they are the best ones I have tried, which they are. I personally find them softer then Mac brushes for blending as they seem to be fluffier and softer to the touch. But compared to real techniques it's hard to say as from the start they feel so different, for me real techniques brushes are really compact so they are great for applying product but these brushes are much more fluffier so are much better for blending, but they do have some compact brushes also. I personally think it's down to personal preference and what you are looking for. 

I hope that makes sense as I don't want to be like oh you must buy these because they are great when they are expensive but I have found them to be very good quality and I think you get what you pay for. If you are wanting to branch out and try some new brushes I would say that these would be something to consider! 
Olivia x