Day one - I'm in New york!

This post is bittersweet to write, the fact that I have an 18th birthday I will never forget and I got to spend it with my best friend, or the fact that I have been part of the second largest snow storm in New York  history! I can safely say that this trip will never be repeated for me but I wish to return soon.  I feel like the amount of exploring and sights I have seen over the last few days have really boosted my start into adulthood.

I have mainly written this for my sake so that I can come back to it in the future and reminisce at the amazing memories that have been created. Firstly on the Friday when we arrived we got to the hotel Unpacked and had a refresh ready to head out. Then we headed down to Times Square which was so incredible seeing it all lit up and the huge array of bright lights, it was a strange sense of emotions as you feel like you have been there before after seeing it on films. Then the jet lag kicked in so we went to bed so that we could get up bright and early to explore...

We stayed in the Lexington hotel on lexington avenue and 48th street, Marilyn monroe actually lived there at one point which is pretty cool, It was a stunning hotel and I would stay there again!

Shake shack for burgers and Fries! They were incredible, and the milkshakes were to die for, this is making me so hungry thinking about it.

Can I have them all??? New york cheese cake is the bomb.

Grand central station is like something out of all the films, I felt like I was in gossip girl just standing there, Ever inch of it is stunning and a true masterpiece. It was also pretty cool to hear the whisper walls working too! I just love how something like this is in the middle of a huge modern built up city, it really makes you stand back and take it all in.

Couldn't resist...

Also a strange experience, after seeing it in countless films, tv shows and other people instagrams, I was finally stood in times square, surrounded by bright lights and a hive of activity. It really is the city that never sleeps, there is always something going on. It is so bright that you forget it's night time and have to stand back and take a second to realise that you are actually stood there.