Coming Home...

We have come to the last day! I was sad to leave the city behind but I know I will be returning soon so it wasn't too unbearable! We woke up early packed and checked out of the hotel so that we would have the woke day ahead of us. First on the places to go was Applebee's for breakfast, they really know how to do breakfast over there, the pancakes were amazing!

Then we headed out to get on the bus tour which was amazing but I would love to do it in more time next time around, because we only had a few hours we had to stay on and just look at the sights from the bus. It was amazing for photos of the city but extremely cold! The tour guide Jerry was amazing too, explaining all of the hidden gems that lie within the huge structures, seeing the new World Trade Centre tower, Wall Street, greenwich village and other areas of the city really opened it up for me seeing how the place varies so drastically! 

I would love to go back and take even more time to explore and see more of the wonderful city! I am extremely lucky to have gone and I loved every second of it, I will never forget my 18th birthday and I am extremely excited what the rest of the year has in store!

The view for the Bus was amazing, we went on the Downtown tour to see all of the areas which were away from our hotel. The architecture of this place is incredible, I have fallen in love and this may possibly be one of the favorite places I have visited.

The flatIron building was pretty cool! It looks so artistic just standing there and is crazy because when you go past it it just looks like a regular building. I also loved how the city has dog parks all over so that you can take a dog to a play date and just to generally hang out.

The attention to detail is spectacular! Ever building is different in it's own unique way, I also really loved how you can see how it has developed over time from the smaller old looking ones surrounded by these huge new skyscrapers that are totally opposite and extremely modern. 

This is where Macy's began! If I can remember rightly this is the last remaining part of the original building which is now a five guys, It is pretty cool that they have kept this as part of history and the development. 

The New World trade centre, Next time I want to explore this area and go to the memorial but It was so nice to see it from afar, I really struggle to imagine the horrendous events of that day but it is lovely to see the thought that has gone into making it memorable. 

I had to get a picture of an American school bus!

Some views of what I think is Brooklin, I'm not 100% sure but I am sure at the same time! The city looked amazing across the water just seeming so big and unrealistic, It is like something from a film constantly.

Next are a few pictures on our journey to the airport, of course I had to have a starbucks at least once while we were away so I chose to have a Chai Tea Latte which is my favorite drink ever.

 I hope you have enjoyed reading about my trip away and of course the photos, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back again. There is so much to do and I want to go and take it all in and see even more! That's it for the New York posts for now anyway!