Covergirl lashes!

I picked up the Covergirl clump crusher extensions lashblast mascara while I was in New York, I have been trying it out since and thought I would share with you what I thought. I don't know why I chose this one, I think the colour of the packaging drew in my attention as it is so bright!

I have used it on and off and I have to say when I do I love the results, The curve of the wand really helps to lengthen the lashes. The one thing that I love the most is that the wand is plastic which helps to really get into the lashes and build up length and volume! They are my favorite type to use as they feel more structured. My lashes don't really hold their shape all day so I do use a lash curler first to give it some help, But so far so good, I love using it as it is a very dark black. It does not flake off and lasts all day. The spikes of the wand also help to reduce clumps so it creates fluttery elegant lashes, it does as it says in the name!

I find that mascaras are hard to pick as it's hard to find ones that tick all of the boxes! One thing that I would say is that it would be better if it added volume also, But it isn't a huge problem as I usually go over the top with another one to make sure it is really volumised and long!