Day two - Caught in a snowstorm

...However... On my 18th birthday I ran to the window like an excited child to find a fresh layer snow covering the concrete jungle. Little did I know how historic this event would be. All the news Channels were saying how the city is to be shut down and so it was! It's crazy to see the place so deserted and quiet when you expect it to be thriving with activity. We started off the day by going to Ellen's diner, for those of you who don't know it's an American diner style restaurant where they have live musical performers while you eat. I had to have American pancakes as well it is the perfect place for it. After that we ventured outside into the blizzard that was quickly escalating and made our way onto fifth avenue, one of the largest shopping streets, we headed towards tiffany's  little did I know that this would be where I get my birthday gift from!

This was the most surreal experiences of my life, walking down the empty streets of New York city because of the travel ban and seeing the whole area covered in snow, you couldn't even see the top of some of the bigger skyscrapers which is insane. Then we headed back to the hotel because nowhere was open so there wasn't too much to do apart from eat american sweets in cozy pajamas.

Standing in the middle of the new york, no cars to be seen and all of the shots being shut has to be one of the most surreal experiences of my life!

We trekked our way through the snow to find this gem, honestly seeing this was like finding water in the desert, it took a while to get there because of the wind blowing the snow in our faces so when we finally got there it was heavenly! It had an amazing atmosphere while the wait staff sang to us, I have never seen anything like it, I loved every second of it. I had pancakes, bacon and egg with a hot chocolate to fuel me for the day, It was lovely! They really know how to do bacon over there i'll tell ya!

After breakfast we did some shopping ( we went to about 3 shops because the rest were closed but still it counts as shopping ) We went in to tiffany's, I thought to just keep warm and to look round and I saw this beautiful necklace and fell in love, It is two small hearts one in silver and one in gold. The silver has the traditional if found please return.. I love it and I feel extremely luck to have been bought this for my birthday!

Had to take a picture of this ice cream as it reminded me of american films when they have the huge tubs, they are really huge! They put ben and jerry's to shame.