Feeling Fit Friday #1

I like to see January as a test run month, where I start to make changes but don't actually focus on it 100% so from now on I want to make these updates to help myself. I have also been reading a few other peoples that have done similar and I find them so motivating. I know weight loss isn't a competition it's more about self improvement. But I do have to say if I see someone losing more weight it does push me to try and beat it haha! But anyway I digress, here is my week 1!

Weight loss goal - 46 lbs
Current loss - 14 lbs
Weight lost this week - 3lbs

Missing - Nothing really I've had a few treats such as a subway, chocolate and some sweets this week so it's not been too hard! I'm trying to jump in gently so I am more likely to carry on instead of banning everything.

Noticed - My hips are shrinking thanks god! Lol, they are my biggest problem after my legs.

Feeling - Bad from having cheat days this week , I know everything in moderation but I can't help but feel guilty about it.

Loving - my new gym goths that I got from new look, I can't wait to test them out!!

Change - one thing I've changed this week is getting up half an hour earlier to walk the dog, so good so far, plus more exercise.

Favourite exercise -
The leg press is a fave!! Work them Glutes haha, no really it really works

Exercise completed?
1.5 hour at the gym, 4 30min dog walks, 1 walk home from work 2.5 miles, I haven't done as much as I would have liked but there's always next week.

Weekly goal? Next week I would like to lose 4lb lets do this

I would just like to say that I am not following any specific diet, I am eating slimming world food as it is what we have as meals to eat healthier, I am not wanting to lose huge amounts of weight, the goal that I have set is just what it would make me at a healthy weight for my height and everything. I wouldn't say im fat or skinny,  I am a size 10 but I want to feel happy and actually confident.
Olivia x