Feeling Fit Friday #2

Soooo I want to forget about this week completely, I managed to maintain my weight which is good I guess, but I didn't go to the gym once, mainly because I haven't been feeling myself so I will let myself off but I am still disappointed!
I even bought myself some new gym clothes last week but alas I will be back next week with a vengeance. So for now I am just going to do a gym wear haul, I only got three things but I think they are a perfect addition to my gym wardrobe!

The first thing I was on the hunt for were a pair of workout leggings, I have some already but they are feeling big and I find it hard to work out when I have to keep pulling them up! So I was browsing through the ones In New Look and I found these lovelies! I wanted black as it's what makes me feel most comfortable but there is something about it that is just so boring. So I found these with patterns down the outsides of the leg, Still looks black with subtle detail. Another thing that I love is the waistband, It is thick and really firm, meaning that it holds everything in When I tried it on I felt so confident and ready to work out. 

The next things I wanted to grab is some new workout tops, I wanted some baggy fitting ones so that I don't feel as conscious when i'm hitting the gym, I found two racerback tops that are slightly fitter at the top but flow out at the bottom, I also love that the arm holes aren't massive, they are still fitted enough to flap around and get in the way.  I also really like the back of the top as it has a panel of detail down the middle, making a simple top look slightly less plain.

I also got it in this pattern as well, I thought that it would go perfectly with the leggings and add some flare into my wardrobe! 

Olivia x