Huge lush haul

Christmas time at lush is my absolute fave! Half price on all Christmas products, who would be out of their minds enough to pass up that amazing offer??! We'll certainly not me that's who, so as a reason to justify my crazy spending spree I decided to create this post so ark east they have a purpose apart from making lush baths;)

Anyway I digress lets get into it shall we?? The first half is things that I reviewed for Christmas or bought in the Boxing Day sale in store! Yes I had two separate speding opportunities don't judge me! 

I'm not all about the snow fairy scent like most people I much prefer rose jam! I first tried this a few years back and honestly I can't live without it! Obviously I can I'm just over dramatic...

Then my mum got me the snow fairy shower hell and the fairy dust which is incredible, I can't wait till I next get dressed up so I can throw some of this on and be like a real life unicorn. 

Next are a few pictures of the bath bombs I got in the sale... Can we just add that this was so hard for me to take pictures because I detest the feel of bath bombs, it's similar to velvet I just can't touch it without cringing.

Of course a rose Jam smelling bath bomb, also for Christmas from my mum who clearly knows me so well, oh and more glitter! 

Onto the second half now, don't worry it's nearly over... I just love stocking up at Christmas as it usually lasts me a good 3-4 months so why not get more while they are half price??? 

Yes I know... You may be wondering why there is a huge fury beast in my photos? He is obsessed with bath products and loves smelling them individually, he even shakes his head if he is not keen and wags his tail of he loves it, honestly the sweetest thing ever!! 

Hope you can read the writing, this is the first gift box I got for around £15 pounds maybe with 5 bath products in which is just amazing value and I love every single thing inside. 

The second one isn't so Christmassy but was still in the sale, this one is so brightly coloured and has all of my favorites in it. They all make the bath so intensely colourful and just overall beautiful. So I will be using these up sharpish.

Finally at the end, sorry it is far away from Christmas, it is so hard to get good pictures with natural day light recently so I finally had time to snap some photos! Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the new year, thanks for reading 

- O