Mac Haul

I have done a few of these on my blog over the last few years, I don't usually buy things at Mac all of the time, I tend to save up and splurge on an amount that I have been eyeing up for a while. These are some of the products that I gathered from New york so I thought I would share!

I will start with eyes as this was the most popular area for this haul. I have started a mac palette over this past year so I picked up three refill pans while I was there in the shades Rule, Star Violet and Nylon.

Rule is a lovely warm toned orange that looks gorgeous in the crease and is a perfect transitioning shade. I love that I found this as I have been looking for this for ages! I don't have any other colour like this so it is a nice addition to my collection.

Star Violet is gorgeous! it is a lovely burgundy toned brown, with shimmer so it is perfect for any upcoming valentine's day activities!! It looks stunning across the lid with a smoky edge.

Nylon is just a shimmery white shade that can be used as a highlight or inner corner colour!

I picked up a single potted eyeshadow as well, it is one of the extra dimension eye shadows in the shade Sweet Heat. I just love the pattern of these eyeshadows, they have a cool effect to them and are extremely pigmented. I swatched this on my hand in the shop and it didn't look that great but after using it on my eyes I love it! It is a lovely champagne colour, very soft and glittery that looks striking on the eyes.

I also got two brand new additions to my collection, I picked up two of the Loose pigments and I am glad I did because they are stunning. I got the shades Vanilla which again Is a lovely white shade perfect for an extra glam look. I also got the shade blue brown which I cannot wait to wear on a night out it is my favorite thing from this haul. It is just so pigmented and shimmery.

Onto lips I picked up 3 lipsticks this time, I didn't really plan on getting any as I only like to get them if I know i'll wear it all of the time. I tend to leave experimenting with highstreet brands where they are much cheaper. I usually stare at them and pick a few up that I have taken an interest in and they debate whether I actually need it or not. The first one that I looked at was Creme de la femme, one that I have never seen mentioned by anyone so I thought I would add it to my collection as it is a really pretty pink lip. Its a frost lipstick which I am not sure what that means but it does have a shimmer to it which makes the lips look really pretty.

The second one I grabbed felt like fate, I fell in love with the colour as it really stood out but when I saw the name it settled the deal, this one is New york apple. I have never seen anything like it. Its a red-pink colour but I would say more pink so it is just stunning! This is also a frost lipstick so it also has a lovely shimmer to it. These lipsticks are very moisturising and very pigmented.

The last lipstick I have is in the shade Syrup, this was actually my second ever mac lipstick but my mum stole it so I decided that I would grab myself another one while I was away. This is a luster lipstick so it is incredible glossy and a softer finish then the frost ones. This is also a soft pink colour similar to Creme de la femme!

Last but not least is the soft and gentle finishing powder, I bought one of these back in August and the day after I dropped it on marble flooring and it smashed, I waited until now because I tried to deal with it but it didn't work the same with it being a loose powder. So I decided to treat myself for my birthday and get a new one!

- O