My go to hair style

I have never done this type of post before but I want to expand my blog and do more than just beauty, I have noticed loads of people going for this hairstyle recently and I have been loving it too! It's just so easy to do, keeps it out of your face, looks neat and put together. I also love doing this on my no makeup lazy days to look slightly put together haha!

Its also great as a no heat hairstyling way to get a wavy look. I usually wash my hair and dry it till its slightly damp and then french braid it, this way it keeps it out of the way in my sleep and prevents it from getting knotty. Then in the morning I get up and unplait it, run my fingers through my hair and spray it with hairspray, this creates effortless waves and looks cute too. It takes seconds too so if you are short for time you can still have lovely looking hair!

whats your favorite hairstyle? 

- O