Nars Steven Klein Platte

If like me you hate to leave the house without contour then you will love this! I had seen a few people mentioning this palette but never really looked into it. I went to america with the mindset of getting a nars blusher but then my eyes fell on this and I couldn't resist as it was such a good deal. It has one contour shade, one bronzer and highlight and four blushes.

One of my favorite things is that the contour shade is very warm and could still be used as a bronzer to create a slightly tanned look. I personally find that this creates a more natural look and really completes any makeup. I haven't used the highlight yet but it looks incredibly pretty and it it is like any of the other products it will be amazing. For the blushes I think they are a perfect range with light pinks, rosier pinks and a more orange colour, this has so much veriety and would be perfect for traveling. 

The packaging is lovely! it is eye catching as it still goes for the sleek dark/black shades but it just stands out so much. I just find that it being all in a contained package it is easier to use and you will never forget that you have it. It is very sturdy and will definitely protect the powders within. I would 100% recommend this to anyone but especially for people that are starting out with makeup and want to expand their collection, it has everything that you could need as they are lovely colours!

I usually use my Hoola bronzer everyday without fail but since getting this I haven't used it once. don't get me wrong I still love it but I think these products just blend into the skin and leave a more natural finish. I found with the Hoola that you have to be careful not to add to much or it tends to look muddy but I haven't found this with the Steven Klein palette so far!

What is your favorite contour palette? 

 - O