Perfect Primers

Primers are essential in my everyday makeup routine, I think they make a huge difference compared to without. I have a few favorites that I thought I would share with you. I have also seen a huge amount of people talking about the Nivea for men post shave balm?!? Is it really that good?

The first ones I want to talk about are from maybelline, I first picked up one of the primers a year ago when I was in a rush, I hadn't read into it or even looked at what it was for but I didn't have much money so It was this I went for. I am so glad I did I love them so much, I have the rose and the peach one which I alternate between regularly. I love them because they aren't heavy and don't feel silicone based which I cannot stand. They really help to create a smooth even base and make foundation or any face product last all day. I have also noticed that when I wear this I find that my contour blends so much smoother and doesn't look muddy at all! They are a huge success and I can't rate about them enough.

Next is one that I got in glossybox a few months ago, It is from Emite Makeup and is the Diamond Heart Base primer for Illuminating. I haven't used this as much as I do like to swap and change depending on the finish I am looking for. This is a peach/skin toned primer so it really blends into the skin and I wouldn't say adds coverage but It does do something that makes face products look so great. I also love the packaging of this, it looks so classy and different from the rest that I own!

Last but not least is on the pricier side of primers but I do find that It works the best for my skin and makeup. It is from smashbox 'Photo Finish'  and Is the first that I have ever tried. One thing that I do love is that it is not going down and I have used it everyday for two weeks, this is because a little goes a long way and really works. I love the clear packaging so you can see how much you have left and will know when you run out. as I said previously I said I hate silicone based products, well I am marjory contradicting myself as this is that exact products, but for some reason I really like this and it does not bother me. I don't like the as much  porefessional for this reason but it just feels completely different and not as heavier.

- Olivia