Sephora Haul

Sephora hauls are probably one of my most watched videos on youtube at the moment, I love seeing what people are getting and all of the lovely things that they see that we can't get in england. So while I was across the pond I decided to splurge a little (a lot) and buy everything that I have lusted after.

I was hesitant at first on what to buy but then after about 5 minutes I knew exactly what I wanted and I was throwing everything into my basket. It was so overwhelming at first because there is just so much on offer and I didn't know where to start.

The first things I grabbed were the two faced better than sex mascara, so far im not blown away by it but I will keep on using it to see how it turns out. I have also realised how heavy the thing is?! anyone else have it and realised this, its ridiculous. I also picked up one of the heart blushes but in the boxed packaging. I couldn't resist after seeing the lovely packaging.

Then I went on the hunt to find the Kat Von D tattoo liner, which by the way is incredible! It's way
Better then any other that I have tried and I totally understand all of the hype surrounding it. I wish I could have got another one as a back up but they only had the one left in the shop that I was in on 5th ave. Surely this gives an indication of just how good it is!

Then I turned around to see the Nars stand and I was looking at the blushes as I have looked at them for ages but didn't want to spend that much on a single blush. So I looked around and found The Steven Klein Collection ad noticed a face palette (I think that's what its called)  It has one contour, one bronzer, one highlight and 4 blushes. I think the value was around $160 dollars and I certainly didn't pay that amount so overall it was an amazing deal.

Onto lip products I picked up two of the Sephora lipstains, I picked up this dark purple colour first and then on the last day I picked up a nude one as I loved the fist one so much. They are so pigmented and last ages, However I have found that they are quite drying so they do need a lip balm!

I left my tweezers at home and my eyebrows were crazy so I looked for the cheapest ones and found this four pack for I think $14 which was a bargain. They are all different types so it gives a perfect brow shaping experience and they are travel sized so perfect for keeping in a bag.

I got a tonne of face masks from the sephora brand, they are the sheet masks and they had a great deal on for buy 2 get 1 free. So I got 9 face masks and 3 eye masks to try out. I tried one of the anti-blemish ones on the first night after flying to calm my skin down and I woke up with the clearest skin I have ever had, It was amazing so I am excited to try the rest.

From the miniatures section while I was waiting in the que I got a Urban Decay primer potion, Smashbox primer and some ole hendrixson face products to try out. Then when I got to the till I got a birthday gift as well it was my birthday, I chose the Marc Jacobs mini lipstick and eye liner set! I also got to chose 3 miniatures so I got a clinique moisturiser, this has had so much use so far its amazing. I got the Laura Mercier spf tinted moisturiser and a Bare minerals skin product which im actually unsure of what it is haha!

Moving on from beauty I picked up A Prada Candy rollerball perfume, I adore this perfume but Never use the big bottles so I picked this up to throw into my bag before I head out. I wish we had these in england!

- O