Shopping spree, Snow and Musical madness

Sunday was crammed full of shopping, sightseeing and show watching. I really wanted to see Les Mis on Broadway as I loved seeing it in london last year. But because of the snow on saturday it got canceled, luckily we managed to get a refund and get new tickets for the sunday night which cheered me up no end. However, I was still gutted that Alfie Boe wasn't on stage for that night but atleast I still got to see it before it gets taken off later this year.

First in the list is Central Park, we haven't seen it before this so when we arrived I was in awe at the picture perfect scenery surrounding us! It was like a scene from a movie it was that perfect, kids running around and playing with sledges, dogs wearing boots and jumpers! The frozen lake and of course the huge skyline of buildings that surrounded it. I was stunned at how big the place actually is, it really puts it into perspective.

We went to many shops throughout the day including bath and body works, Sephora, Victoria secret, Mac and m&m world. I will be doing some Separate  hauls on my blog in the near future. After what seemed like walking miles we headed back to the hotel to get changed and freshen up for the show later one. However haha! We found out we had 20 minutes before the box office closed so we had to sprint to broadway, usually took us half an hour as it was about 7 blocks away! But we got there just in time before they closed. We ambled back to the hotel to eventually get changed and head out the door again. The show was incredible, a really good cast and I really enjoyed seeing it during our weekend away. I still prefer west ends version of it but it was still amazing all the same. 

The sky is clear and the chill is in the air but we had some major exploring to catch up on! Just look at this, it was incredible to be only able to see the sky if you look up and it was usually only small patches at that!

Central park looked stunning! A layer of snow surrounded the view everywhere and created the perfect contrast between the busy city and the calm of the park. It was amazing to see kids playing in the snow and dogs walking around in jumpers and boots!

The skyline was the best part of it all, Seeing a wall almost like a cage around this open area but at the same time taking a time away from the crowds and appreciating everything about it.

Next we went up the Rockefeller building to see over the city, what an amazing view! I wanted to do this to get some great shots of the city behind the empire state building, The lift for this is pretty cool too, I would recommend this to anyone visiting!

A view of the park from above, it is massive! We only walked found what seemed to be a large area when infact it was nothing in comparison. 

Can we just put our hands together for this? yes this was taken on my camera, fully zoomed, I know its amazing! This was from the Rockefeller as we didn't go on the boat trip as we didn't have time but I am proud of this one.


There are some stunning buildings in New York, the attention to detail is amazing, I have so many photos of random places I could probably do a separate post about them haha!

Les Mis was amazing, I loved every second of it and I'm so glad we managed to get tickets for the sunday after it had been canceled! It will always be one of my favorite musicals. After the show we went to junior's Cheesecake Factory and picked up a sweet treat for when we arrived back at the hotel for the last night, best cheesecake I have ever eaten!