10 things...

...That I hate about colds... 

 when you have to sleep with your mouth open because you can't breath through your nose

Having to then wake up every 10 minutes because your mouth is so dry from sleeping with it open 

 lack of sleep 

 the moment when it tricks you and you are back to breathing normally again, then bam you can't 

not being able to taste anything 

constantly having to carry around tissues 

 Being too scared to cough in public (please tell me this isn't just me) and then choking because you can't hold it in any more. 

 Not being ill enough to have a day off school/work but feeling horrendous

 The constant being too hot or too cold and never finding the 'right' temperature

Sounding like a man, even if people say you don't I hate that I can here myself sounding like that and it annoys me.

I hope this is something that you don't take too seriously, I am trying to add more to my blog and with having a cold and feeling rubbish recently I thought I would put together a list of things that annoy me, I find that I feel like this every time so it would be good to see if you feel the same!