Little blue box

I think that the little blue box is is everyone's dream gift, I have always lusted over a few pieces that they sell but I didn't think I would ever receive one. But I did and I am in love with it, I can safely say that this is probably one of my most worn necklaces. I don't usually wear jewellry as I forgot to put it on but I have been doing so ever since this little beauty came into my life. I chose this necklace with two hearts, one in silver and one in a gold, I looked at the 'if found please return' but I found that they were quite big and I was after something more dainty. I love how this still has the Tiffany phrase on but is small enough to wear every day.

I think that getting this for my 18th birthday was really special but it made it even more so that I got it in the Tiffany store on 5th ave, The service was incredible, everyone was so friendly. It made it seem like a film and seeing people going shopping in huge department stores. Even the details from the blue bag to keep it safe, to the ribbon around the box. I felt totally out of place in the shop, everything was so expensive and luxury, I was scared I would break something haha! I think I have to say the best part was everyone wishing me happy birthday because of my huge badge, I wish I could do the whole day again!

Olivia x