Loreal lips

So while in new York I had to visit Duane Reade to have a look around the drugstore and I found ese two lovely products which I wish I had picked up more of!

The first one is a Le Matte in the shade ' 102 she's so Matte' the name is quite appt really! I have to say first of all it is really trying as it is matte but with a bit of lip balm first it stays matte and does not dry up one bit. The colour for this is stunning, it is the perfect matte for any occasion and has a really good application. It is sort of like a lip pencil and a lipstick in one, therefor you don't need to line your lips first as it is fairly precise. You get so much product it is crazy, some lip crayons don't have a lot of product so this is another reason I love this.

The next is a different kind, it is a La Lacque in the shade '207 Lacque -Y-you' This is a lovely Pink/Purple shade, it is incredibly creamy and has such a smooth application. Unlike the Matte formula it is quite glossy and a lot less drying. It has amazing staying power and doesn't seem to budge even after drinking, this is what I tend to judge lip products on, how much they transfer! Again like the first one I talked about it has a super easy application as it is a pencil type product so you don't really need to line your lips first. It can be applied lightly to create a simple natural look or you can apply it like a lipstick to finish a look off!

Have you tried any of these products?