Lush Haul

If you follow me on twitter then you will have seen that I had a lush haul planned, here it is! I was looking at my blogger stats the other day, I don't have a clue what they mean haha but it does show that you all seem to love hauls the most so I thought why not! I love it when I have money to go and buy things so I decided to nip into lush and get some of the products I haven't tried yet.

I have already used this flowering tea reusable bubble bar, I loved the quirky shape of it, the whole idea of it being like a tea bag for your bath! It is filled with fragrant petals that release as you run it under hot water. It is made with uplifting neroli and rosewood oils to treat you while you soak and relax. It doesn't leave an fancy patterns in the bath but does create some lovely bubbles that really help you drift into a calm sense of relaxation. 

I am still yet to use this sweet little egg that smells heavenly. It honestly smells so much like a sweet shop so I can't wait to pop  this into my bath. 

First of all, can we appreciate the pretty colours! It says that it is scented with ginger, pepper and lemon which is bound to wake you up and leave you feeling refreshed after a lovely bath. I can already tell that this is going to create so psychedelic colours and brilliant bubbles!

Another one I have already used, with an orange and patchouli fragrance, I can remember this smelling amazing before I used it! It is the perfect blend to create an uplifting and refreshing fragrance but with the lavandin it will make sure that it still has relaxing properties. It made the bath a lovely dark blue colour with a tonne of bubbles. 

Moving on to my second lush trip, yes I made two in the space of a week, I have major problems haha! This is the Easter Humpty Dumpty bath bomb, I have to say it is kinda creepy looking but it smells delightful. It is scented with bergamot and Brazilian orange oil which is just perfect now we are getting into spring as it is a lovely fresh scent. Apparently there is a hidden fried egg inside which I did not realise as I was way to excited and just threw him strait into the bath, this is perfect for easter!!

I had to grab another frozen bath bomb! This is one of my absolute favorites and I love the colours and patterns it creates in the bath. 

This little lady is the reason why I mad my second trip, with all the eggcitement of the first trip I got carried away and forgot to pick this one up, I had it in a bag ready to go but left it behind, but I went back and finally grabbed one! I just tried to find this on the lush website and I couldn't find it anywhere so i'm not 100% sure if this was limited edition :(

The rose bombshell bath bomb, of course I had to get this I love anything with the scent of rose jam, it is my all time favorite thing that lush stocks, This is basically a blend of three kinds of roses with rose oil to really relax you. As it fizzes in the bath it releases petals from the middle with more fragrant oils, sure to leave you feeling silky soft!

Olivia x