March Glossy Box

Hello my fellow glossy's! I have another box review as It has nearly been a whole month since this came through my letterbox, I'm even more excited as this picture was featured on the glossybox Instagram page, I know it may not be a big deal but for me it is!! So cool.  I can't say that this has been my favorite box but I am not totally disappointed as every other month has been great. There just seemed to be more products that I don't use in this box so I haven't had the full benefit.

The first and favorite item in the box is this large angled brush from Luxie, I have been using this as a contour brush as it is perfectly angled to hug the natural curves of your face. I like how thick the brush is, it is dense enough to apply the correct amount of product but not too crammed to the point where you can't blend with it. The pink and gold colouring of this is so pretty and is a lovely addition to my makeup brush collection. These brushes are also 100% Cruelty-free, Vegan and Paraben-free!

This is a product that I was disappointed to find in the box, It's not the product itself but the size of it, at 7ml it is only a tiny amount so it is hard to test it out long enough to see if it is worth buying or not. The retail price is £29.99 for 50ml- Olay regenerist luminous skin tone perfecting cream
This cream states that it should produce brighter looking skin in 4 weeks! It is also for anti-aging to keep your skin looking younger. Apart from the size I have loved this when I have tried it, if feels smooth on the skin and makes makeup sit nicely on the surface. 

This Hey honey good morning silk facial serum is a light moisturising serum that is meant to leave your skin feeling luxurious, it can also be used as an under makeup primer which I have been doing. It is also meant to replenish and protect the skin to improve tones and leave it glowing.  I have been using this most days and I have noticed that it makes my skin glow while using this under makeup, it doesn't feel greasy and is light weight!

This collection speedy highlighter has been really lovely to use! I am a huge fan of the glowy skin look, especially as it is getting closer to spring when I want to wear lighter coverage and everything to look duey! This retails at £3.99 so it is super affordable. It is a speedy stick which it is, I tend to use my fingers to apply the product and dab it on to create a natural look. I have seen many of these face sticks on the market so it is nice to see cheaper alternatives! 

Minus 417 Catharsis Mineral Shampoo and conditioner - this duo retails at £16.89 each which is at the higher end of price range. I loved how the box comes with both as I have only ever received the conditioners which I don't like to use as I prefer to use whole sets.  This is meant to replenish skin cells on the scalp and promote growth. I didn't really get on with these at all, I think it is down to me having hair extensions so I find it hard to find shampoos that lather up enough. With using theses I had to use large amounts which makes it more expensive. 

Olivia x