Pandora bracelet

Another jewelry related post today, I always love seeing other people's pandora bracelets as I love how you can make them so personal, or even just for fashion. I personally only have charms that mean something to me so that I can look at it and remember amazing memories.  I also have a theme going which is similar to my first charm I got which was silver and pink, from then on I have used this throughout my bracelet as I like things that match and because It looks pretty haha!

I have this safety clip to make sure that it doesn't unfasten and fall off, I got this with my bracelet for my 16th Birthday, I love the hearts added on for detail, it looks pretty and serves an important purpose. 

The first charm I ever got, this came with the bracelet and started off the colour theme. I love it as it is a present for my birthday but I don't like the ones that have the ages on, it's a personal preference that I just chose not to have. It's simple and looks really nice. I also got the clasp that you can see to the right of it. These are just to separate the three sections. Again I also got these for my birthday and I love the detail it adds.

The next charm I got was this crown, I went to london before christmas two years ago and this was a charm as a little reminder. There are many london themed charms such as a black cab but we didn't get in one while we were there. So as my mum got me this she chose this one as a reminder because we visited buckingham palace. I think that it is such a thoughtful charm and cleverly thought out. 

This one I got for my 17th Birthday, It doesn't have any other memory apart from that, It is just  a pretty pink with tiny air bubble like details inside, I love the colour it adds and looks so simple and elegant. 

The last one I have added thus far is this apple shaped charm, I saw this as an apple at first and thought 'The Big Apple' as I got it in New York, So I thought it was a nice reminder. But then the lady got it out to show me and I noticed it had NYC written on it, This sealed the deal for me as it was clear where it's from. This is a memory of going to New York for my 18th. It is very special to me and adds a perfect detailing to my bracelet. 

Olivia x